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Rebuild a Beautiful, Functional Smile

Tens of millions of people are living with the consequences of tooth loss. If you are among them, we invite you to visit our Chicago team for a consultation. We may be able to help you rebuild a beautiful, functional smile with dentures. Dentures have already helped generations of patients to enjoy improved oral function and heightened confidence — they may be able to help you as well! Read on below to learn more about this treatment option, and give us a call when you are ready to speak with our dental experts.

Why Choose United Dental Centers Chicago for Dentures?

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Missing teeth can adversely affect your daily life. You might find it difficult to chew your favorite foods, and you may hesitate to smile in public. You could even struggle to enunciate certain sounds. Dentures have the potential to help with all such issues; almost anyone with a significant degree of tooth loss can qualify for this treatment. Of course, during your consultation we will have to confirm that they are a good fit for your situation.

Types of Dentures

Gloved hand holding denture for upper arch

During your consultation, our team will examine your mouth and learn about your goals for treatment. Based on the information we gather, we will recommend the type of denture that best fits your circumstances. We might advise you to move forward with partial dentures, full dentures, or implant dentures.

Partial Dentures

Illustration of partial denture

Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth throughout a dental arch. They fit in around the remaining natural teeth. Small acrylic or metal attachments help them to stay in place during eating and speaking. Usually, they consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and acrylic teeth.

Full Dentures

Set of full dentures against plain background

A full denture is a customized prosthetic that replaces all of the teeth throughout a dental arch. Full dentures typically have an acrylic base along with either acrylic or porcelain teeth. Natural suction or a bit of adhesive helps them to stay in place during daily activities.

Implant Dentures

Illustration of implant dentures for upper arch

Dental implants are small titanium cylinders, or posts, which get surgically inserted into the jawbone. They bond with the surrounding tissue and can then provide a sturdy base of support for a denture. Implant dentures are stronger, more stable, and longer-lasting than their traditional counterparts. We often recommend them as the best option for anyone who qualifies for the treatment.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Some noteworthy benefits of dentures include:

  • They are fully customized for each patient in order to optimize comfort and function.
  • They closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth.
  • They can enable you to eat a wide variety of tasty and nutritious foods.
  • Because they can prevent your cheeks from looking hollow, they may help you to look years younger.
  • They are one of the most cost-effective tooth replacement options.
  • Caring for and maintaining dentures is simple and easy.